No Fireplace, No Problem with Free Standing Models
Posted by gasfireplaceinfo, 11/29/2017 9:52 am

Free standing fireplaces are ideal for homes with no built-in fireplace, and for outdoor use on the patio. They are also more cost-effective than having a traditional space built just to add a firebox. These units are available in several sizes so they can fit into small spaces, such as a shed or a barn converted into a work space or home art studio. Adding one is easy and will raise the value of the property.


Because these units need no chimney, homeowners have great flexibility regarding where they want free standing units installed. A finished basement, an addition to the house, the apartment over the garage, or the second floor master bedroom are all places traditional fireplaces may not be appropriate. A free standing unit can be vented out from smaller spaces, such as a window or small exhaust area cut out of the wall.


Supplementing fuel oil or electric heating costs with a free standing wood or gas fireplace will save homeowners money year after year. Fireplaces are efficient and throw off a considerable amount of heat. The whole family can be warm and comfortable with minimal use of a furnace or boiler. The return on the investment is high because free standing are affordable and built to last a long time.


The colors and styles available are immense, with additional options offered via in-house designed custom units. Selection assistance is offered by experienced staff at over nine physical locations throughout Australia and online at the website. Getting the right size is important to get maximum benefits from models, whether they are free standing, inserted into existing fireplaces, or built-in. A unit that is too large will cost more to operate, while one that is too small will not meet the needs.


A wise way to get the highest quality products at the lowest pricing is to purchase directly from the factory. It is a win-win situation. The manufacturer does not have to spend money getting products to hundreds of retailers. The company can focus on maintaining advanced manufacturing technology and creating newer models to suit modern style preferences.

The homeowner benefits from low pricing, expert advice, and optional services such as installation and financing. Financing is available in many options, the most popular of which is zero percent interest for twenty-four months with required monthly payments. Other terms are offered and can be as short as six months. Applications for financing are online and at every physical store location.

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